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Satya Henkes

I am a teacher in the oral tradition of the work given by Grandmother Medicine Song, teachings based on the Hopi and Native American heritage

Satya graduated in 1991 as a 1st degree teacher from the theater school. Whether it was theater or personal development, learning and guiding others in functioning from their own authenticity and talents became the professional focus.

In addition to Satya's gifts such as creativity and clear perception, the Usui System of Natural Healing and Voice Dialogue were additional methods for personal growth. She studied both for many years and applied them in her way of working to be of service to others in their personal development. In 2008 she started working at the Municipality of Rotterdam where she still works full-time and with great pleasure on beautiful assignments for the city and the people who live and come there.

Since the beginning of 2016, Satya has been an apprentice teacher at Hopi Grandmother Medicine Song, Native-American teacher and elder in North America. The ancient mystical knowledge that have passed on from generation to generation has also been taught to Satya. She was asked to offer the Hopi wisdom teachings in Europe. In right relationship with Hopi Wisdom Teachings and Grandmother Medicine Song she is now teaching.  It is time to allow for the integration of spiritual intelligence into modern life.

Satya was acknowledged in her spiritual knowledge by Grandmother Medicine Song and encouraged and trained to share this knowledge in the oral way.


Satya received many years of mystical Hopi Teachings and may pass these on as a teacher and elder by the given name 'Wisdom Singer'. In her spiritual teachings she serves the purpose of Hopi Wisdom Teachings in the U.S. It is important for Satya to be able to apply this knowledge in modern life. "She is walking her talk" and can enrich the lessons she gives with her own experiences and stories.

Satya is also affiliated with the Tribal Wisdom Foundation as an advisory elder. She lives and works in Rotterdam. She gives lessons in circles as well as individual lessons, both off- and online, in either English and Dutch. The best introduction is to arrange a non-binding meeting to hear more about Satya and the Hopi Teachings. This is regularly possible via Zoom or live in the Djoj Center for Personal Development in Rotterdam. Please send a request by e-mail or contact form.


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