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Hopi wisdom

Hopi Wisdom Teachings as passed on by Grandmother Medicine Song to Satya Henkes


Activating energy centers in humans. These centers are inter alia linked to lost knowledge in what the Hopi call previous worlds. The knowledge is about direct knowing, seeing and making choices in thinking and doing in balance with ourselves and our environment. Wisdom comes to life when it can be applied in daily functioning. In the teaching, participants will look up and recognize their own wisdom with the help of thousands of years old clues, which strengthens personal balance.



Costs in circle: 650 euros

Costs of individual lessons: EUR 100 each time

Extra costs stones:

70, - / 110, - euro




Female leadership on the basis of the thirteen wise grandmothers. Related to the thirteen moons, ancient knowledge and stories you will learn how the ancient modern wisdom can be activated and integrated in the present time. The teaching is about remembering and activating who you are in your own wisdom and thus being able to show up in daily life and personal leadership. Only accessible to women.


Costs in circle: 865 euros

cost of individual lessons: 100, - each time

Extra costs : € 100/150

Private sessions are also possible and cost 100, - per lesson. Send a message via the contact form!

Other teachings include: Compass of the Heart, Medicine Wheel, Dream Learning and the Hopi initiations, 20 Count, Decision wheel, Round Words, Rainbow Medicine. All in relation to personal leadership.

All lesson content is 'sacred' and stems from the thousands of years old oral teaching tradition of the Hopi Indians and Native American tradition. Lessons are only passed on by a licensed teacher / elder. As a teacher, Satya looks at the talent or 'original medicine' of the participants and, with the help of the teachings, will invite and guide everyone to integrate his or her spiritual intelligence into daily life. The lesson circle reinforces this process.

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